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HBD to My Sweetheart

June 21
Some of My Favorite Cards & Emails
Our Pictures

Why Beach Cake For Your Birthday?
Because You Know Best How Much Fun We Had @ The Beach ;)

You Know What?

250 Days Ago, I First Met You;

249 Days Later, My Life Has Changed;

In A Better, Happier Way;

It Is Your Birthday Today;

I Wish You All The Best;

& Thank You Very Much For Everything :)

Play Our Video (I Have Pom Pem!)

Could I Have This Kiss Forever (For Download)

Why do you want to know my history when today is way more important?

But if it bothers you that much, let me tell you a story about my past that started almost 9 months ago...

Oh wait, I don't think I have to though, because you were also there to build that up with me :)


Some of My Favorite Quotations by Clif:

'Good luck on your thesis and everything.' (June 29, 05)

'I know you'll be fine. You can do it, c' mon!' (June 21, 05)

'I Like You The Way You Are.' (June 2, 05)

'I am so glad I got to talk to you again.' (May 9, 05)

'Was My Big Mint in a swimming suit?' (May 1, 05)

'Pom Kid Tueng Nong Mint!' (April 24, 05)

'Happy Birthday To You Sweetheart.' (March 27, 05)

'I can't wait to kiss that BIG Mint without her braces on.' (March 15, 05)

'You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I miss you.' (Valentine '05)

'You Are Special To Me, Too.' (January 24, 05)

'I'm sorry you do not feel good. Maybe you need THIS GUY to make you feel good.' (January 1, 05)

'I wish I could come see you.' (December 28, 05)

'Why? So you could get me drunk and take advantage of me just like your little hand massage scheme? See how you are!' (December 19, 04)

'I miss your voice and wanna call you but I'm afraid you would think this guy is crazy for calling you two days in a row.' (December 7, 04)

'Goodnight Sweetheart.' (November 13, 04)

'I cannot control myself when I'm with you.' (November 10, 04)

When I said there was no need for me to look for anyone else ...

- did you know it was because I always have you with me and been happy with that?

-did you know I could not find my way to climb up from something I fall for, and that thing's called Clif?

-did you know I really meant what I said?


"You are always SOMEBODY to me"
(Whenever I feel down, your words above always cheer me up, thank you!)